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Recipe of Picanha

Cap of top sirloin barbecue




Picanha is a tender beef well appreciated all over Brazil for grilling. It has a layer of fat, which should be removed only after grilling. You can find picanha in most European countries by the name of cap of rump, also called Tri-Tip.  In USA, you also can taste picanha, which is one of the best cuts of beef. But you have to ask the butcher in your favorite grocery store to cut it for you. Just tell the butcher you want the cap of the top sirloin. It should looks like the photo below and weighs between 2 to 5 pounds the entire piece.




one entire piece of picanha

rock salt

garlic paste



Cut the picanha into 2 inch-thick beefs

Leave the fat layer on it (just remove after grilling)

Rub the rock salt on the meat alone or with garlic paste

Arrange the meat in skewers or directly over the grill

Cook the meat to your preference.

In the Brazilian way, you can slice the outer layers and keep the rarer meat in the grill for more cooking.




Serve with white rice, vinaigrette, or your preferred sauce.



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